Kindori, also called space whales, are among the largest living creatures found in space (80 to 120 feet in length). The resemble aquatic whales in appearance and temperament. The main differences are that they have no mouth, and their leading edge is dotted with small eyes.


The kindori are peaceful except when threatened. Threats could be a direct attack, or merely approaching during their herding behaviour.

When provoked, kindori attack with their massive tail flukes. They tend to concentrate their attacks on ships, with a herd smashing one to bits before moving on to the next.

Blinding Flash (Su): Kindori can emit a blinding flash of light from their leading eyes. The light is projectied forward in a 500-foot cone, requiring a Reflex save (DC 22) by every creature caught in the area of effect. A failed check means the creature is blinded for 4d4 minutes. Kindori use this ability against opponents they cannot defeat, and will try to escape in the confusion.

Wildspace Traits[new] (Ex): The kindori have no need to eat or breath, but they retain an air envelope. They feed by collecting light through the a mass of white patches on their belly.

Skills: * Kindori receive a +4 racial bonus to Spot checks.

Kindori Society

Kindori travel in pods of 2-8 individuals. Several pods gather together annually into a larger herd for mating. It is during this time that kindori, especially male “bulls”, are most likely to attack passing ships.

In the Spheres

Wildspace societies often travel on the backs of kindori. They lightly hook small structures—called howdahs—onto the creatures and ride along with them. Kindori often have air producing plants and mosses growing on their backs, providing a stable air envelope and minimal ecology. Scavvers are known to follow kindori herds and feed on the creatures that live on the giants. Kindori skeletons are sometimes used by undead as small, slow craft.

Kindori flesh can be rendered into oil, much like an aquatic whale. Lizardfolk are well known for setting up whaling parties to hunt kindori


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