Elven Imperial Navy

The Elven Imperial Navy is the arm of elven might in space. Since the first Unhuman War, the Imperial Fleet has been the dominant military group in the Known Spheres, promoting elven interests and occasionally defending the “lesser” demihuman and human races.
Symbol: An elven man-o-war on a gold field.

Goals: The primary mission of the elven Imperial Fleet today is communication. Fleet ships visit major enclaves of groundling elves within the Known Spheres at least annually, conveying the wishes of the Council of Admirals to the local kings and queens (and vice versa). This communcation is important, as the elves do not have plane-crossing magics that would allow them to communicate through other means.

While in theory the Fleet is subject to the commands of the elven royalty, in fact the Fleet becomes involved only when and where it chooses. The Fleet does occasionally intervene in groundling affairs, but generally only in defense of the major enclaves. The Fleet’s overiding priority is to minimize groundling contact (particularly with nonelves), so they are strangely unable to implement requests to participate in expeditionary activities.

Headquarters: Lionheart, a secret base comprising a ring of elven armada ships linked together and permitted to grow into a thick protective battlement. Lionheart is moved occasionally to confuse the Fleet’s enemies

Elven Imperial Navy

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