Upgrayedd. Two d’s for a double dose of pimpin. 6’0’ 250lbs.

Body 9
Mind 7
Soul 8
ACV 13
DCV 13
Health Points 85


Armor: lvl 2 (20 points damage reduction)
Combat Technique: lvl 3 Judge Opponent, Portable Armory(built in weaponry),Weapons encyclopedia
Special Defense: lvl 8 No need to eat, breathe, sleep, or drink. Immune to poison
Heightened Senses: Dark vision, Enhanced hearing, enhanced sight, enhanced touch.
Environmental Influence: Create areas of shadowy darkness, up to a 100m radius lasts 10 mins.
Defense Combat Mastery: lvl 7
Attack Combat Mastery: lvl 5
Extra Attacks: lvl 1 (2 attacks per round)
Extra Defenses: lvl 1 (2 defenses per round)
Highly Skilled lvl 4
Gadgets: lvl 1 (1 major/4 minor)
Wealth: lvl 1
Henchmen: lvl 5 (15 henchmen) Upgrayedd’s Escorts


Performing Arts (Fast Talking) lvl 5
Acrobatics (Tumbling) lvl 2
Etiquette (Street) lvl 2
Melee Attack (Rapier) lvl 4
Melee Defense (Rapier) lvl 3
Street Sense (Influential Individuals) lvl 3
Seduction (females) lvl 3
Administration (Brothel) lvl 1
Area Knowledge (Rock of Bral) lvl 1


In Debt: Owes money to the Ale Jacks
Nemesis: Shou Yakuza. The Shou are extremely upset that Upgrayedd has so far refused to pay protection money for his brothel.
Marked: He is a warforged. The only one on the Rock. Impossible to conceal short of magic.



The Rock of Bral, Part Duex Arrixxia