5'4" 120 lbs. White haired, dark skinned dark elf.


Body 8
Mind 6
Soul 8
ACV 11 (15 unarmed)
DCV 8 (12 unarmed)
Health Points 80
Energy Points 70


Features: lvl 2 (Appearance)
Attack Combat Mastery: lvl 4
Defense Combat Mastery: lvl 3
Extra Attacks: lvl 1 (2 attacks per rd)
Extra Defenses: lvl 1 (2 defenses per rd)
Massive Damage: lvl 1 (extra 10 damage, unarmed only)
Highly Skilled lvl 7 (+70 SPs)

Dynamic Powers: lvl 3 Physical Enhancement.
Burns Energy 1 EP per minute.
Simulate 6 levels of attributes. Max level of 2 per attribute.
Example: Invisibility lvl 2, Speed lvl 2, Extra Defenses lvl 2.
Another Example: Super Strength lvl 2, Armor lvl 2 Extra Attacks lvl 2
Pretty much can simulate any sort of physical alteration/enhancement.

Item of Power: lvl 4 Snake Fang Whip (Can be easily stolen, lost or disarmed, Only usable by Laraxia) Special Attack lvl 5 80 damage {100 when super strength engaged) Flexible, Tangle, Muscle Powered, Drain Body, Melee, Hand Held, Low Penetration


Acrobatics (Flexibility) lvl 2
Unarmed Attack (Grappling, Holds, Strikes) lvl 4
Unarmed Defense (Grappling) lvl 4
Melee Attack (Whips/Chains) lvl 2
Area Knowledge (Rock of Bral) lvl 1
Disguise (Acting) lvl 2
Stealth (Concealment) lvl 3
Performing Arts (Dance) lvl 2
Seduction (Male, Female) lvl 4
Languages (Elven Dialects) lvl 2
Occult (Arcana) lvl 3


Stigmata: Not too many people trust dark elves
Nemesis: A captain in the Elven Imperial Navy, more annoying than dangerous. At least for now.

There is still 5 character points left, plus further defects can net more build points


It has been rumored among the empire that a clan of dark elves had secluded themselves off world in order to avoid the prying eyes of the elven imperial navy. These elves had a deep understanding of physical attribute alteration magic. Over time the clan had developed this magic, and the clan warriors learned to heighten their already incredible speed and swiftness to such a point that it appears as though the elf warrior disappears while moving so quickly. Many of the warriors also utilize strength enhancement spells and enchantments making the small build and stature of the elf deceiving to their enemies. Laraxia is one such elf. In addition to the magics, she has dedicated herself to mastering the varied techniques of hand to hand combat. Having an inane gift for clairvoyance allows Laraxia to anticipate the actions of her opponents. Striking swiftly and with bone crunching enhanced strength, Laraxia also utilizes her physical beauty to distract enemies, for who would expect an unarmed little female elf to be such a brawler. If you need an individual to lead the way into an unexplored dungeon, Laraxia would have no issues taking up point. On the rare occasion an enemy is equally matched Laraxia will pull the only weapon she ever carries, a whip.


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