Gyron the Green


Gyron 6’4" 300lb Lizardman

Body 12

Mind 5

Soul 7

ACV 13

DCV 12

Health Points 100


Armor: Level 4 (40 point reduction)
Armor: Level 2/shield (40 point reduction)
Combat Techniques: Block Ranged attacks, Lightning Reflexes
Extra Attacks: 3 attacks per round
Defense Combat mastery: +6 to DCV
Attack Combat mastery: + 5 to ACV
Natural Weapons: Bite (18), Tail Striker (18)
Highly Skilled: +30 skill points
Massive Damage: + 10 damage
Adaption: Underwater
Water Speed : Level 2
Special Attack: Bash and Thrash (Stun, Melee, Hand Held) 80 pts damage
Special Attack: Bolo Throw (No Damage, Short Range, Tangle)


Animal Training (Lizards) lvl 1
Unarmed Attack (Bite) lvl 1
Unarmed Defense (Grappling) lvl 1
Melee Attack (Broad Sword) lvl 3
Melee Defense (Shield, Sword) lvl 2
Thrown Weapons (Javelin) lvl 2
Area Knowledge (Rock of Bral)
Languages lvl 2 Common, Elvish, Draconic, Dwarven
Intimidation (Street) lvl 1


Less Capable: Empathy, Savvy, Run Speed
Marked: A Hulking Tattooed Lizard Man, impossible to conceal
Blind Fury (lvl 2): Don’t make me angry, you won’t like me when I’m angry.


Gyron the Green is a well-known and feared mercenary on the Rock of Bral.
The Broken Scale brood ship on which he was hatched spent several solar cycles orbiting a strangely glowing sun. The elders on board thought the emanations were a sign from their gods. Perhaps they were right. The clutch with which Gyron was hatched all displayed remarkable characteristics, including scales the color of green jade.

Shortly thereafter the ship was captured by neogi slavers. During his years of servitude, Most of Gyrons tribe died either in battle or as fuel for the neogi lifejammers. Gyron took to battle as though born to it. Gyron was his masters favorite slave, next to his umber hulk servant. Regardless Gyron wished to be free, but knew that if he failed he would be punished by slowing having his life force drained to fuel the Death Spider.

Fate intervened when the neogi attempted to capture the Sky Ranger. Captain Hargrave and his elite crew not only killed many of the umber hulks of the boarding party but drove them back and were pursuing them onto the Death Spider. At the sight of his captors having the tide turned against them, Gyron threw down his weapon and offered his service to the First Mate of the Sky Ranger. With but a nod the Mate accepted and Gyron unleashed years of pent up fury upon his former captors.

After serving aboard the Sky Ranger for a further three years, Gyron parted ways at the Rock of Bral. Once there he quickly established a reputation in the Low City as an excellent sell-sword, a bit prone to excessive violence at times, but nonetheless trustworthy compared to the rest of the rabble.

When not bashing skulls for his employer of the moment, Gyron is often found at the Promethean Bathhouse relaxing in one of the larger warmed baths. Though not a heavy drinker, Gyron does carouse from time to time, but is usually much more interested in food. Not in quality mind you, Gyron much prefers quantity. Live birds of any sort are his favorite.

Gyrons jade green scales are etched and dyed with many intricate patterns. Though his scales are strong, Gryon wears a steel breast plate and greaves. He wears two belts for the express purpose of having something to hold his scabbards and money pouch. For the average day around town he merely straps on his broad sword, bolo, and a few large daggers. He also owns a medium sized, round steel shield, that many warriors would have a hard time using effectively. When on business he has an arsenal of blades, javelins, blunt instruments, and axes to choose from.

Gyron is not evil, he is merely indifferent to the ethics of warmbloods. If he thought about it, which is not too likely, he would subscribe to a survival of the fittest philosophy.He takes jobs for the money, generally not caring to much what the job entails. If it is rescuing a kidnapped mother of three he will do it if the money is good. If it is kidnapping a mother of three he will do that too as long as the money is good. If it is killing a mother of three and her children he will do that too as long as the money is good.

Gyron the Green

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