Charles Finley


Chuck Finley 6’0" 200lb Human Blue Eyes Brown Hair. A slight scar across his left cheek.

Body 10
Mind 8
Soul 7
ACV 10
Health Points 85


Combat Technique: Lvl 4 (Concealment, Lightning Reflexes x2, Two-Weapons)
Highly Skilled: Lvl 6 (+60 skill points)
Attack Combat Mastery: Lvl 2
Defense Combat Mastery: Lvl 2
Extra Attacks: Lvl 1 (2 attacks per round)
Extra Defenses: Lvl 3 (requires full concentration, 4 defenses per round)
Gadgets: Lvl 2 (2 major/8 minor)
Wealth: Lvl 1
Special Attack: Sneak Attack(Hand Held,Short Range,target must be unaware or flanked) 60 pts
Agents: Lvl 3 (4 agents created with 46 pts each)
Henchmen: Lvl 6 (30 henchmen {fight capable} created with 20 pts each)
Organizational Ties: Lvl 8 Senior Rank in the Tenth Pit


Acrobatics (Jumps) lvl 2
Climbing (Buildings) lvl 1
Burglary (Breaking and Entering) lvl 3
Sleight of Hand (Spiking Drinks) lvl 2
Intimidation (Business) lvl 1
Stealth (Urban) lvl 2
Administration (Small business) lvl 2
Gaming (Gambling) lvl 4
Area Knowledge (Rock of Bral) lvl 3
Cultural Arts (Art Appraisal) lvl 1
Etiquette (Street, Political) lvl 1
Urban Tracking (Underworld) lvl 1
Poisons (Ingested) lvl 1
Disguise (Acting) lvl 2
Seduction (Human Females) lvl 4
Melee Attack (Sword) lvl 2
Melee Defense (Sword) lvl 2


Wanted: Chuck’s activities in other Spheres result in the occasional bounty hunter seeking him out.

Nemesis: Shou Yakuza. The Yakuza infrequently try to muscle in on Chuck’s racket

Nemesis: City Watch. The members of the Low City Watch know better, but the ranking members of the High City Watch do occasionally poke their noses into Chuck’s dealings. More annoying than anything.

Owned and Red Tape: Chuck needs to run a major schemes past the ranking member of the Tenth Pit. The identity of this individual is known to only a handful of people. If Chuck ever wished to leave the Tenth Pit (as of now he has no such inclination) he would find his life expectancy to become very short.


Charles Finley

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